About Us

Burnbank Dohne Stud, Andrew Campbell & Carol Hale managers, was founded in 2010, Stud Prefix BBD Flock No: 205. Andrew & Carol purchased Burnbank farm in the beautiful area of Mooralla in the Southern Grampians in 2009. They decided to breed Dohne Merino, for their ability to have good wool return, be sold for meat and their great lambing percentages.

Settling in to their Victorian surroundings

They were able to acquire some of the top genetics in Australia today. Their future breeding plans will incorporate a five year program to improve their flock quality, to put an emphasis on wool, while maintaining a good balance with meat. Technology is a big part of the success of Burnbank Dohne Stud as they use electronic tagging of all stock and collect data from the moment a lamb is born until it is sold. Data is sent to Sheep Genetics Australia where it is analysed and reported on. It is this data that will assist in the selections for breeding. They have a Brucellosis accreditation and all sheep are OJD vaccinated. They are looking forward to sharing a barbeque with neighbors and future Clients and of course selling rams. At their Annual Field Day

We would like to thank David Kain of Far Valley WA, Richard Beggs of Nareeb Nareeb Merino Stud Vic, Simon Thomas Lanyons Hamilton, our neighbors and friends for without their help and guidance this Dohne stud would not exist!